Personal Security

NPB has provided personal security services for some of the most recognized individuals in entertainment, sports and business, since 1998.

The peace of mind that an effective personal security agent provides, shouldn’t solely be measured by the physical person, but includes the intangible and unseen measures that take place during the preparation, advancing and execution throughout each assignment.

Daily activities and movements that include key transitions from hotels, vehicles, airports, venues and other locations present the most exposure and constant considerations is a must.

Our approach to providing practical, but affective measures has allowed us to provide our clients with a level of services that has produced results that best represent their interest.  Each client is different, with unique circumstances and concerns which differ from client to client and this is why we structure each assignment to fit that client’s needs.

However, the same behind the scenes effective measures are applied, which include threat assessments, vulnerability assessments, concerned individuals and other evaluations.

These measures are driven by our Active Law Enforcement Liaison Agents, third party private sector partners as well as our local, state, federal agency relationships.